Saturday, August 07, 2010



August 2010 catalogue


The thing that strikes me most about Nordstrom's August 2010 catalogue is the mixture of Seventies (yes, Seventies) style with that of the late Nineteen-eighties. Here we have wedge sandals, platform heels, flared leg (sequin, no less) trousers, and slouchy hobo bags--but--we also have weirdly hybrid legging-pants, denim mini-skirts and quilted leather handbags. The less said about the animal-print handbags the better, I think (hello Mrs. Robinson.....). There are two perfume inserts in this one--Donna Karan's "Cashmere Mist" and Dior's "Miss Dior Cherie." The Donna Karan scent is the less noxious of the two (see how faithful I am to you, my dear Chanel No. 5?).

As in (almost) every catalogue there is One Perfect Item that speaks to me. In this catalogue it is the dress on page 76--a sleeveless black and navy dress for $158.00, which, amazingly, is available in sizes 2 to 14.

The prize for Silliest Item of clothing has to go to Steve Madden's "Trouser" laceless Oxfords. $69.95 and you don't get laces? I think not, Mr. Madden. I recall, all too well, losing a shoe on the stairwell up from the 14th Street Union Square Subway station and the resulting traffic jam as I hopped about on one foot looking for my lost shoe. No my shoes, especially at that price, must have laces!

So, off I go now, to shop in my closet, and see what vintage looks I can recreate (wait....they're all vintage looks, LOL....).

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