Saturday, August 07, 2010

National Wholesale Liquidators

National Wholesale Liquidators

Locations in: The Bronx, Brookly, Queens, Long Island City, Yonkers, Dorchester, MA, Jersey City, and Lodi, NJ

I love the Liquidators. It is true, though, that there are certain things I would never consider purchasing there--electronics, for one, clothing, or furniture (bad bad experience with a computer "work station"). This being said, I have been more than happy with some of our purchases there, particularly in the area of foodstuffs (excepting milk--you may not want to buy Liquidators milk....). A nice selection of teas, jams, preserves, candies, cookies, spices, and ethnic foods (Mexican/Middle Eastern/Italian) as well as mainstream American brands such as Lipton, Heinz, and Tropicana. Cleaning products, small housewares, and paper products (bath tissue and paper towels) are good values. Personal care products (shampoo, soap, shaving cream) seem to be priced comparably with those in any CVS, Duane Reade, or large supermarket (so you may as well wait for a special and use a coupon). Liquidators does not accept coupons, nor do they do rain checks. What you see is what they have....and their merchandise is you see something you want/need and it's the right price....grab a couple, because it might not be there next week. Or tomorrow.

A good source for inexpensive greeting cards ( .99 cents ). Much of their stock--if one checks labels--seems to originate in Canada (yes, I am thinking of you, Nescafe). I am not sure why this is, exactly, though it has been cause--on more than one occasion-- for my husband to opine that there was no way he was going to drink "Canadian" coffee or use "Canadian" toothpaste, though, frankly, I can't tell the difference.

I particularly enjoy the Liquidators prior to Christmastime. They are the only store, in my experience, that play non-secularized Christmas carols (yes, the religious ones) instead of sanitized Santa-songs (which is, I must admit, refreshing). I have heard though, that some have ventured the opinion that they are afraid they are supporting the Jihad whenever they shop there. Of this, I cannot venture an opinion, not having any sure knowledge or certainty considering the political affiliations of the owners. All I know is that they stock the most delicious chocolate biscuits and Walker's shortbread cookies before Christmas and that is sufficient for me!! So...herewith some of their current specials (good through 8/17/2010). Keep in mind, too, that the Liquidators gets very crowded on the weekends. The best time to go is a Tuesday morning at around 11:00 a.m. or so. That is when I would go.....

Black and white composition notebooks .50 cents each
12 pack Papermate pens .88 cents
Brita Slim Pitcher $8.88
20 pack Wood Hangers 9.99
Mr. Clean 40 ounce refill 2.49
Heinz Ketchup 36 ounces 1.49
20 lb. imported Basmati Rice 15.99


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