Monday, November 29, 2010

Orvis "Gifts for Men" Catalogue

1711 Blue Hills Drive
Roanoke, VA 24012-8613

Telephone: 1-800-541-3541


It's that time of year again and my mailbox has been graced by a veritable deluge of lovely, glossy, four-color catalogues angling at holiday dollars. Some are even perfumed, though most, thankfully, are not!

One of my annual favorites, the Orvis "Gifts for Men" catalogue arrived shortly. Orvis has, it has been my experience, well made, if rather expensive goods (personally, I am a fan of their online "tent sale" where, much like Loehmann's, you can see the reduction of price over time).

Still, the Orvis "Gifts for Men" is a great (and amusing) read. Where else can you find a Brunswick Windsor Billiard Table ($11,250.00) or a Dundee Panel Tartan Sportcoat ($495.00) (which I think should, by rights, come with either a set of golf clubs or a solid silver martini shaker)?

There's an admirable collection of gadgets: keychains, multi-tools, solar telephone chargers, compass watches, and a rechargable flashlight (if he is allergic to wool!).

If he is not allergic to wool, the choices widen up considerably. In particular, the "Black Sheep" Irish Fisherman Socks in pure merino wool for only (gulp) $49.00 a pair. Still, for the right black sheep, they might be the perfect present!

The other, expected, items for men also appear.....caps, small leather goods, board games, Irish linen handkerchiefs....all very tasteful, but, for my tastes, rather expensive.