Sunday, January 23, 2005

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

It's that time of year again! Time to ponder what might be the perfect gift for your sweetheart! Luckily, our mailbox (newly enlarged, such an improvement) has yielded a bumper crop of new Spring catalogues these past few weeks. It's hard to go wrong with jewellery -- Cash's has a gold heart locket (726402) decorated with a pearl and crystals on an 18 inch chain. I couldn't help but smile when I saw the "Sweetheart Valentine Bear" (AV137385) on the cover of Gump's Spring 2005 catalogue--very cuddlesome on those cold February nights. In the mood for a cooking project? Williams-Sonoma has a molten chocolate cake batter (10-6517072) that promises a delectable treat (sweets for the sweet!). If you can't keep your sweetheart warm yourself, try one of Ben Silver's cashmere cardigans (LSLC, black; light blue; peony; and pink) from Scotland. I have to admit these look even more delectable than the chocolate cake (plus, they are non-caloric!). If a romantic, relaxed look is more your style, take a peek at the Pyramid Collection's two piece linen ensemble in "thistle" (P9-480X) comprised of a kurta-style top with bell sleeves and very attractive openwork above the cuffs and a straight-ish skirt with an elasticized waistband (it's nice to see, too, that they go up to size 14-16). Jewellery again. You know what they say about diamonds? Well, I don't know that I agree, exactly, but Ross-Simons sparkling white gold and diamond heart did catch my eye. Ross-Simons has a number of items with a heart motif.....bracelets, pendants, keychains, frames, even cufflinks....all in a wide variety of styles (puffy hearts, flat hearts, curvy get the picture) and price points to fit every pocketbook. The Vermont Country Store may seem like an unlikely place to look for a Valentine's day gift, however, the VCS offers much more than Bag Balm and sensible brassieres (though these certainly have their place and time)! You might just find that special cologne or perfume for your sweetheart, as the VCS has a nice selection of harder-to-find fragrances: Evening in Paris (39712) Eau de Parfum and Cologne (43363), Blue Grass Parfum (29765), and, one of my personal favorites from years ago, Tweed Parfum Spray (37586). Your sweetheart can mark the minutes until she sees you again with Shannon's gold and silver plated Claddagh heart watch. The time will fly by! They say that pearls symbolize tears, but I don't think anyone would cry at receiving Red Envelope's pearl pendant necklace on an intricate silver chain (156202). A "sweet" though non caloric gift is J. H. Breakell's Candy Heart Pendant (PD024). You have a choice of sayings, including Maybe, Say Yes, I'm Yours, or Forever. Also worth mentioning is their line of "pierced heart" designs, which, to me, resemble metal lace, including a pin, pendant, bracelet, and earrings, all in sterling silver, which, as well as attractive, are very affordably priced. Their "lovebirds" pin too, is a lovely design.

However, sometimes the best gifts are those that cannot be wrapped, for example, sleeping in late while your sweetheart makes breakfast for the kids! That's the tops--and you won't even need wrapping paper or a ribbon!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

First Entry

I hope, in this blog, to provide information on the different goods available both in traditional printed catalogues and on online catalogues, and to note both my favorite catalogues as well as items available from the same.