Saturday, January 29, 2011

Appleseed's catalogue

P.O. Box 166
Jessup, PA 18434-0166

Toll Free: 1-800-767-6666
Fax: 1-800-755-7557
Customer Service: 1-888-430-5711

"Classic is ageless" is the tagline on the 65th Anniversary catalogue I recently received in the mail. I've always like Appleseed's best for their accessories....footwear (sandals, boots, shoes, sneakers), handbags, and costume jewelery. Some of their other items, most notably the elastic-waisted pants, leave me cold. Some of the cardigan and twinset-type sweaters are nice, especially if you like pastel shades, but many of the items are a little too matronly for me at the moment.

At the moment they are offering free shipping on orders over $50.00 (until 27th February 2011). The code is 1A1FS.

One thing I have always appreciated about their catalogue is that they don't try to put middle-aged looking clothing on twiglets who appear to be suffering from eating disorders. The models here are well-preserved ladies of a certain age....past their first flowering, certainly, but still, admittedly, quite attractive.

They also have very detailed sizing charts, too, which are a definite help for those of us whose shapes have changed over time!!

Some of the items that called out to me in this catalogue are as follows.....

Sling Organizer Bag (Toffee or Black) 1A1-12D, $49.00

Lifestride "Antic" Ballerina flats 1A1-33G, $49.00

Keds "Champion" Lace-Ups (White or Black) 1A1-42D, $29.95

"Cassandra" sandals (Admiral, Hibiscus, White, Horizon Blue, Stone) 1A1-45G, $39.00

Faux-Pearl Necklace - 30 inch length - can be doubled or tripled. Ivory. 1A1-77G $35.00

Walden Tapestry Bag, 11 X 10 X 13, Black Multi Floral, 1A1-87F, Reduced from $55. to $34.99


Karen said...

Appleseeds signed me up for their rewards program. When the charge showed on my credit card I called to cancel. They assigned a confirmation number that the charge would be credited back to my credit card. Received the next bill for my credit card and NO CREDIT, plus a $12 late charge. Called Appleseeds. They refuse to accept responsibililty for the late charge even though their records show they were supposed to have sent in the charge reversal. I will NEVER shop Appleseeds again. They can't be trusted.

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