Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Pyramid Collection: Myth, Magick, Fantasy, and Romance

The Pyramid Collection
Altid Park
P.O. Box 3333
Chelmsford, MA 01824-0933

Telephone: 1-800-333-4220
Facsimile: 1-800-866-3235

In MA only there is a 6.25% tax on non-clothing orders.

Gift cards are available in the following increments: $25. / $50. / $75. / $100.

Standard delivery, Rush Service, and Two-Day Express Delivery available.

Jewellery, jackets, dresses, boots and shoes, fingerless gloves, capes, tunics, skirts, some items with a markedly "dress up" feel to them. It seems that they are adding more out-and-out costumes: pirates (male and female), mermaids, Goddesses, and several other tarty outfits suitable, I would think, only for a Halloween fancy dress party or behind a locked bedroom door!! To be sure, there are a number of striking garments here, many of which could safely be worn down a busy city street without provoking a third glance (a first or a second glance can be lovely, but that third glance....I think not!).

A number of items, especially the jewellery items, would be suitable as presents, but, as in all things, you should be very sure as regards her tastes before ordering because many of the pieces of jewellery (to me) seem rather out of the ordinary. The tunics/dresses/pants seem to be cut in a swingy, forgiving fashion, with plenty of fabric, in most cases, to ensure coverage. Their patterned cowboy-style rain boots (skulls and roses) at $49.95 do nothing for me, but the 52" Dashiki (100% cotton, machine washable) at $39.95 is attractive and a good value. They specialize mainly in floaty romantic gear for women of a certain age.

There are several long-sleeved blouses I would advise against cooking in as you would surely set yourself alight. They also, ahem, have a selection of "massagers" for women, and---shades of Peggy on "Mad Men"---massaging lace briefs for ladies, which, I kid you not, can be activated by a remote control. So. Some pretty things--especially the tunics--some tarty things (best for dress-up), cute but impractical handbags, velvet coats and capes (attractive, but bound to attract every bit of lint in a five-mile radius), unique pieces of jewellery, shoes (mainly very high-heeled), and a mixture of ethnic-y, new-agey, wiccan-ish garb in sized XS (2-4) to, in some cases, 3X (22W-24W).


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