Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daedalus Books catalogue arrives!!!!

Daedalus Books -- Books, Music, and DVDs
P.O. Box 6000
Columbia, MD 21045
$5.95 postage/handling
6% sales tax -- Maryland shipments only.
Subject index: children's/ compact discs / cooking & healing / crafts / dvds / fiction / gardening / highlights / history / humor / literature & poetry / mysteries / nature & pets / notecards & postcards / performing arts / science / self & society / spirituality / sports / travel / visual arts
Daedalus is one of my favorite sources for remaindered books.......great quality books, great selection, great prices.
Here are some of the titles, from their Early Summer 2010 catalogue, that stand out.....
The A-Z of Modern Design (pap), (Polster, et al.) $9.98
Watchman (pap), (Rankin) $3.98
The Plague of Doves, (Erdrich) $5.98
Diary of a Bad Year, (Coetzee) $5.98
The Memory of Running, (McLarty) $3.98
The Best Day The Worst Day: Life with Jane Kenyon, (Hall) $4.98
The Painted Bed: Poems, (Hall) $3.98
Mr. Personality: Profiles and Talk Pieces from The New Yorker, (Mariner) (pap) $4.98
Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue: The Untold History of English, (McWhorter) $6.98
T.S. Eliot, (Raine) $4.98
Thumbs, Toes, and Tears: And Other Traits That Make Us Human, (Walker) $4.98
God's Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer our Most Important Question...Why We Suffer, (Ehrman) $6.98
NPR Sound Treks: Birds (1 hour Audio CD), (Hamilton) $9.95
Complete Poems, (Dorothy Parker) $10.95
The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters, (Susanka) $5.98
The Departed, DVD (DiCaprio, Damon, Nicholson) Full Screen, 2 hrs., 31 min., $6.98
The Painted Veil, DVD (Watts, Norton Schreiber) Letterbox, 2 hrs., 5 min., $7.98
Persuasion, DVD (Root, Hinds) Widescreen, 1 hr., 44 min., $6.98
John Coltrane: The Bethlehem Years, 2 CDs, (Byrd, Green Jones), $7.98
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons for Harp and Orchestra, CD, $5.98
New York State: Gateway to America, An Illustrated History (Ellis & Cash), $6.98
Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore, (Hughes) $6.98
The New York Times: The Complete Front Pages 1851-2008 (Keller, ed.) $29.98
The War Diaries: An Anthology of Daily Wartime Diary Entries (Taylor) $4.98
D.H. Lawrence's Paintings (Lawrence & Sagar) $14.98
Making it New: The Art and Style of Sara and Gerald Murphy (Rothschild) $9.98
Edouard Vuillard (10 notecards) $3.98
Charles Addams: A Book of 30 Postcards $2.98
Classic Baseball: The Photographs of Walter Iooss, Jr. $12.98
French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew (Mayle) $5.98
When Randolph Turned Rotten (Harper) $3.98
The Writer in the Garden: A Literary Anthology of Garden Writing (5 CDs) $9.98


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