Monday, March 01, 2010

Jewelry by LuShae

The website Jewelry by LuShae offers a wide variety of affordable little luxuries---earrings, pendants, and rings.
Since I've started wearing LuShae's "Purple Brilliance" amythest pendant I've received several compliments on the quality of the stone and how the color "brings out the blue" in my eyes.
At $74.00, a beautiful piece like this is within the reach of many....but it looks like it cost oh so much more. The carat weight of this pendant is 9.4 and the chain is sixteen inches with a two inch extender. This is a "white gold Rhodium bonded teardrop pendant with faceted amythest, CZ, and bezel set peridot" -- to quote from their website.
I love that the chain has an adjustable length and that the bale is spacious enough, that, if I wanted to, I could wear the pendant on another chain. The lobster clasp is easy to manage (so I don't have to ask anyone to help me with it!!)
It has a substantial feel when I hold it in my hand. I'm really looking forward to wearing it with light floral dresses in the summer....but, right now, it looks great contrasted against a black turtleneck. I love pendants....and LuShae has so many pretty pendants with strikingly colored gemstones, I had a very hard time deciding which I liked best (since they're all so nice!).
Their range of earrings are available in hoops, princess, and round cut studs, in CZs and well as dangle earrings of CZs and brightly colored gemstones. They'll add just that little sparkle you need to brighten up your look.....but especially so during these long winter months. One set of earrings I found particularly attractive were the "Sterling Silver Flower Bud" post earrings with marquise cut flower petals (I do so love flowery things!!!). Most all of the earrings are in 14K white gold or gold construction with a Rhodium finish.
They have a nice selection of rings as well, including a subsection of "promise" rings. There are a number of beautiful combinations of stones and settings of white gold and gold. The designs range from the very traditional, almost Victorian (which I love, love, love), to very modern and fashion-forward styles. Some of the settings are old fashioned, and almost look "vintage" -- while others are young and there is something for every taste here, that much is clear!!! There is a great rainbow of colors available.....including my favorite, the green gemstone, well as rings detailed with brightly colored enamel. It is also very helpful that they provide a sizing guide for the rings.
They also, on their site, provide helpful information on the purchase of jewelry for men and women, how to purchase a diamond, choosing an engagement ring, jewelry basics, jewelry care, as well as how to clean and store your precious acquisitions!
So....the next time you have a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion coming up (the Cross or Star of David pendants would be just perfect for a Confirmation or Bas Mitzvah gift for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter), or you need gifts for your wedding party, or "just because" (which I've always found the very best occasion for a gift of jewelry!) make sure to stop by Jewelry by LuShae, just a click away......the ordering process is super-simple, you get email confirmation of your order and then again upon shipment (which I really appreciate).
All in all, I found this a real "gem" of a website---great merchandise, great service---what more could a girl ask for......except maybe a special gentleman to make her a present of a keepsake she will be sure to treasure forever!!!
Jewelry by LuShae


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