Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back to School

Well, it is already August, and time to start thinking about "back to school" purchases. I've been looking for a "Clone Wars" lunchbox/thermos and think I may have found just what I am looking for--for quite a reasonable price--at $7.99 (not including shipping and handling, of course).

I still have to tackle reviewing the boy's wardrobes and seeing what each of them will need. In any case (as always) I'll be on the lookout for bargains!!

One source of frustration for me has been the holes torn in the knees of (practically new) jeans. What to do with these?? Patch them? Let them disintigrate further?? Cut them down into shorts? What I suppose I really need to do is find jeans with reinforced knees.

My adventures in stain removal continue.....the last being black marker "drawn onto" a pair of khaki pants. No, I didn't get the stain out, but I gave it my best try.....plenty of hot water, OxyClean, Tide, and, as a last resort, bleach. No dice. You can still see the marks.....

It's been a busy summer so far. Visitors, doctor appointments, the fundraiser at the Hawthorne Country Day School, a christening......

I'm looking forward to the fall, though, and to cooler weather and my birthday in October, and (dare I say it) our two older boys returning to school (the structure is good for them) and to planning for our Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

I'm hoping to find replacement cushions for the sofa, maybe a new slipcover as well, to brighten up the livingroom.

Well....I'll close for now.....


jasper fjohn68 said...

Make the Drawn On Khakis into full fledged cameo? Every kid usually loves to play soldier.

On second thought, maybe a bad idea. Might suggest a career path. Already have one Jasper and his wife worried about their boy in the far away sand.

OK, revised suggestion, put peace symbol on pants! Then, write congress critters to bring all the boys and girls home. Now!

Anonymous said...

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